Designing the perfect space

Understanding your ambition for your existing space is key to our creating a design for your new garden, whether you want a space for quiet contemplation, a burst of flourishing flora, an external entertaining 'room', or even a childs' fantasy land.

Working closely with you, our designer and landscaper will advise you
on the best way to maximise your space to create a garden personally tailored to your vision.

You may have very clear ideas about what your garden should look like; you may not, but we have many examples of past work for you to see. After initial discussions we would measure your garden and record existing points, levels and aspects; taking note of drains, manholes, obstructions and soil type and then take photographs so that we have the complete picture of what we are dealing with. This level of detail enables us to produce 2-D design ideas that we would discuss with you. Once you have your agreed design, we can provide a quotation and continue the project for you.

Our aim is to create a beautiful garden for you, within your budget and timescale and with the least amount of disruption.


After initial meetings and presentation of ideas, we produce architectural plans, construction drawings and planting plans, along with budgets and timelines. We welcome your input from the outset.

If the job included construction, the building materials would be delivered early on and timetables would be worked out. You may not be at home while the project is being undertaken, so we would then need access, or you may wish to be around, in which case we make sure there would be the least amount of disruptiion as possible.

We clean up after ourselves on a daily basis, using dustsheets where necessary and we pride ourselves on our team being polite, trustworthy and respectful of your home. Ultimately we aim to fulfill your vision of the perfect outdoor space.

Services include:

Site Visit

Design Consultation

Mapping your garden

2-D Design using the latest CAD technology

Quotations and timelines

Project Management

Advice and planning


Our garden design service is fully supported by our landscape construction team.

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